What Makes Us Unique

At Liftoff Communications, our team is an elite group of senior level, whip smart, super creative and results-focused digital marketing and communications professionals. Our writers are all former journalists, so we have a powerful perspective on what it takes to craft, tell and “sell” your story in a way that resonates (and gets results) with the media.

Every client has unique business goals for their budget. With that in mind, we think strategically to develop a customized and proprietary program to achieve your business goals and deliver a strong return on investment, by aligning our program with your top priorities. Each program is uniquely designed to build momentum and drive ongoing interest from the media and other key audiences.

We use data to drive and optimize our efforts by tapping into the latest tools and services to apply quantitative insights to our qualitative work. However, our philosophy is that data, while useful, will only go so far; we want every client’s PR program to have a solid, substantive foundation of hard news value and disciplined messaging. We mind meld with our clients to really dig deep and uncover your true business goals, so we can map our data analysis back to where it matters most for your organization. This approach helps us deliver solid metrics to demonstrate our PR impact as well as to capture user behavior, engagement, web traffic, and specific interactions across various digital properties.


  • Although channels change, we believe storytelling, or PR, remains the most critical part of marketing and sales.
  • PR is one of the most powerful, yet underutilized channels in the marketing mix.
  • Most PR programs are created and managed in a data vacuum.
  • When siloed, PR can only be measured by outdated vanity metrics such as “awareness” or “share of voice.”
  • By integrating PR into your marketing automation engine and measuring results as a data set in the build-measure-learn framework, PR becomes a powerful tool to drive customers into the sales funnel.


  • New customer acquisition
  • Elevated awareness
  • Long term product / service differentiation
  • Market leadership
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Increased company valuation
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • New industry partnerships and distribution channels
  • Accelerated organizational development
Juliet Travis - Principal
  • Over 12 years of marketing, communications and public relations experience.
  • Results-oriented and extremely media-savvy leveraging new mediums to continually secure interviews and coverage in multiple business, consumer, technology and vertical publications.
  • Juliet’s thoughtful approach to communications and a “roll-up-your-sleeves” attitude have landed numerous young companies on the map in major business publications like Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and New York Times.
  • Leverages her expertise and a powerful network of contacts and resources to ensure client success.
  • Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, Juliet holds nature near and dear to her heart. She has a great sense of adventure and loves a challenge. She has hiked the Alaska Range, following only a moose trail and dipnetted salmon in Chitina, Alaska – one of the more dangerous fishing trips she’s ever experienced! She spends several weeks each summer experiencing the almost 24 daylight hours and every winter celebrating the holidays back home in Fairbanks, weathering 20-30 below zero temperatures in near total darkness with the Northern Lights dancing overhead.


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