• “Juliet Travis and her team at Liftoff Communications provided PR services to Connectifier at a critical juncture for the company. Having secured seed funding, Connectifier was growing quickly and needed to get the word out among recruiters to provide an additional lift in the customer acquisition metrics. Juliet and her team ramped up on the business incredibly quickly and were able to start providing value to Connectifier from day one – securing incredible media coverage. Liftoff managed all aspects of Connectifier’s PR, from press outreach and press release drafting to press and communications strategy. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Juliet and her team again!”

    John Girard
    the former VP of marketing at Connectifier [acquired by LinkedIn]
  • “I worked with Liftoff Communications during a critical six-month period when digital comic start-up Madefire was in the midst of launching first its iPad app, then its iPhone app. We had a killer story and technology but we were newbies up against a lot of big names in the business. We were anxious to get some good press. Luckily, we hired Liftoff Communications and got killer press–in both the trades and tech verticals. The results they got us definitely exceeded my expectations. Just check out Madefire’s press page to see for yourself. Since I was in charge of all things marketing at Madefire, Liftoff Communications and I were in touch daily–I really enjoyed working with them and would definitely do so again if given the opportunity.”

    Britt Dionne
    Marketing Director, Madefire

  • “Liftoff Communications managed PR for HealthCPA and played a key role in designing and executing our consumer marketing strategy. They have deep PR and social media experience and great contacts at publications and across the industry, but more importantly, Juliet Travis is a firecracker. She is tenacious and goal-oriented, and rolls up her sleeves to get the job done. She consistently delivered great press exposure for HealthCPA, including an article in the Wall Street Journal right out of the gates, and also helped us think strategically and connect the dots between all of our sales and marketing efforts. Liftoff Communications is also a joy to work with, and I look forward to working with them again in the future. I recommend them very highly.”

    Isabelle Bolton King
    President at HealthCPA

  • “Liftoff Communications goes the distance for their clients, and can be counted on to be a valuable addition to any organizations team. They are dedicated, tenacious professionals who execute on target. I highly recommend their services.”

    Anthony Freed
    Director of Corporate Communications at Evident.io
  • “Liftoff Communications was instrumental in running our overall marketing, social media and communications program campaigns. They managed all our external vendors with ease to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks, and came up with a number of incredibly creative campaigns which ended up securing wide exposure and awareness of the company – ultimately up-leveling the brand as a whole. They were also a great partner and became a close friend throughout the process. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for someone to lead their marcom, PR and social media campaigns.”

    Troy Beers
    President/COO, AquaHydrate
  • “I hired Liftoff Communications to support Couchsurfing in our media outreach efforts as we prepared to raise Series B funding. Liftoff Communications were total rockstars, and incredibly organized, yet also extremely creative. In just 6 weeks, they developed an extensive list of media targets, a multitude of compelling story angles, and got our entire executive aligned on talking points. I’d recommend Liftoff Communications to any company seeking to tell its story as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

    Annie Davis
    Director of Marketing, Couchsurfing

  • “Liftoff Communications has been an excellent business partner to me and my company. Our work together included being in a very ambiguous and changing environment, and together we were able roll with the punches and still deliver results. Liftoff Communications is both deeply knowledgable about the high tech PR space and very creative about how to approach stories, campaigns and even internal dynamics. Their terrific communication style both kept me informed every step of the way and allowed us to laugh on the days when I felt anything but like laughing. Their focus, professionalism, can-do upbeat attitude and follow through all make Liftoff Communications a pleasure to work with.”

    Heidi Jackman
    CMO SlideRocket at VMware