Data Lift

A PR Strategy That Puts Data At The Center Of Your Story To
Produce Media Attention You Can’t Buy

Liftoff stands apart from other agencies by offering unparalleled customized data campaigns. We take pride in crafting each campaign meticulously, overseeing every aspect from inception to completion. Our distinctive approach encompasses the following key elements:

Expertise: Our team boasts extensive experience in data research consulting, providing us with a unique competitive advantage. This proficiency allows us to curate compelling narratives that guarantee meaningful insights align with your brand’s message, ultimately driving customer acquisition.


Data-Driven Storytelling: At Liftoff, we understand the power of data-driven storytelling. We leverage data insights to not only capture media attention but also to enhance brand recognition.

Strategic Development:
Crafting the strategy / campaign

Contract Negotiation:
Negotiating research contracts and costs

Questionnaire Design:
Designing the questionnaire that map back to compelling media headlines to drive stories

Narrative Refinement:
Collaborating closely with the research team to refine and test the narrative.

Data Analysis:
Thoroughly analyzing the collected data.

Press Release Formulation:
Crafting and packaging the press release narrative.

Visual Asset Management:
Guiding and overseeing the development of supporting visual assets.

Media Promotion:
Actively promoting results to the press and generating earned coverage.

Thought Leadership:
Maximizing campaign value through long-term thought leadership initiatives.




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