New Amp-AI Service

The breakthrough program from Liftoff Communications designed exclusively for innovative AI companies. Its purpose: to ignite your brand’s visibility and position you as an industry leader.


Venture Funding Amplifier Program

Our VC Amplification Accelerator is a 90-day program that supercharges your funding launch, setting you up for lasting PR success and market dominance. A successful funding launch will empower a startup to scale and win market share; you will emerge from the program with a strong PR foundation and outstanding results, which you can strategically leverage with key stakeholders over the long term.

Data Lift

A PR strategy that puts data at the center of your story to produce media attention you can’t buy.

storyTECHture™ Methodology

Our proprietary process where the art of the story meets technology.

We are constantly testing, evaluating and leveraging all the latest technology tools for competitive research, story building, outreach, monitoring, measurement, and amplification of your media program.

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